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The Life Balance Podcast

Jan 20, 2019

Things we can't control happen to us every day and we need to embrace change. Not just because we can't control it but we need to embrace the fact we need to change in order to get over the trauma quickly and move on just as quick. Too many people dwell on 'what once was' which not only isn't healthy but is...

Jan 13, 2019

Happy New Year! It's 2019 so what better way to start than a quick recap of 2018 and what to look forward to. We start off with taking a key learning from 2018 and that's having PATIENCE! Too many people look for instant gratification, don't be a like the masses. Be consistent, develop good habits and have patience......

Dec 24, 2018

Are you emotionally intelligent? Can you read a situation and the people in it to understand what's going on?

That's what we discuss in this festive edition of the Life Balance Podcast!

Dec 16, 2018

Lisa Smith of LGS Property Investments and Carol Watson of Intuitive Property Investments dig out their best insights of the 10X UK Tour featuring Grant Cardone, Elena Cardone, Paul McFadden, Billy Farrell & Matt Soltys.

Dec 11, 2018

If you let money control you, you will only move further and further away from your goals. You will push away the people who will mean and do most for you and will lead a smaller version on your life than your supposed to. 

If you learn every day and seek knowledge you will always win. People can take your money from...